December 1, 2009

Singer comments on Climategate from Brussels

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Written by: Lene

Media Advisory

WHERE: Room A1E1, European Parliament Building, Brussels

WHEN: TODAY 15:30-17:30, reception to follow

WHO: Dr. Fred Singer, Lord Christopher Monckton, and Dr. Hans Labohm

WHAT: Climate Gate, NIPCC Report, Copenhagen Climate Summit

Singer is a lead author on the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) Report, a distinguished atmospheric physicist, and a member of CFACT’s delegation to the Copenhagen Climate Summit will present the NIPCC Report in light of recent developments.

“After reading the Climategate-emails we have realized that global warming may be ‘manmade’ after all,” says Singer.

The NIPCC Report is the most comprehensive compilation of current climate change research available. The report finds that there is no scientific evidence to consider global warming a catastrophic event.

CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow), is a UN accredited NGO. CFACT offers positive solutions to today’s global challenges with the aid of its influential scientific advisory board, aggressive collegiate program, CFACT Europe, Adopt-A-Village project, Global Social Responsibility program, and “Just the Facts” national radio commentary.

You will find biographies for our delegation, video, event calendars, and more media resources at www.CFACT.TV. Summary of the NIPCC findings can be found at


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